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— I went to see Peter when I was at a really low point in my life and I was struggling daily with my OCD. From our very first session, he made me feel heard and understood. With incredible kindness, empathy, compassion, patience and knowledge, Peter supported me throughout our sessions and had a great impact in my life. He has his clients’ best interest at heart and really goes above and beyond to help. He has all the qualities a great psychologist should have. I couldn’t recommend him enough.
Sara— Student

— With a warmth and kindness that are immediately palpable, Dr. Giancola holds space for and guides his patients as they navigate their way toward better self-understanding and self-realization. His uncanny ability for empathetic listening, quickly ascertaining traits, motivations and goals, as well as providing tangible examples (and a fair dose of comedic relief) make the whole process feel comfortable, fluid and purposeful. Worth every penny!
Amanda— Consultant

— I suffered a traumatic attack and after my physical wounds healed, I had so much anxiety that I couldn’t leave my apartment and I became housebound for a year.  My boyfriend brought me to see Peter.  He always made me feel safe, he evaluated my situation and then explained what we were going to do in therapy.  Just the thought of eventually having to leave my apartment freaked me out and I told Peter that I couldn’t do it.  He comforted me and stood by my side throughout the entire process and I never felt alone.  When I needed him, he was there. At the beginning, getting better wasn’t easy because I didn’t want to face my fears. But, there was something special about the way Peter talked with me that reassured me that everything was going to be okay.  To me, he became my “personal coach.” He always supported me and encouraged me.  By the end of our sessions I couldn’t believe it. After JUST 14 WEEKS, I was back to taking public transportation and going shopping downtown and interacting with strangers.  I always told Peter that he saved my life!!
Sylvia —  Healthcare Assistant

—As a health-care professional myself, I can say that Dr. Giancola is an experienced therapist who deeply understands his work and gets things done efficiently, thoroughly, and compassionately in accordance with best practices. Drawing from his vast experience, Dr Giancola has a keen understanding of the problems that plague his patients and is amazing at helping them navigate the complex issues they are encountering. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Giancola to anyone who values a principled and compassionate therapist.
Lillian —  Nurse Practitioner

—Thank you again and again for your help, understanding, and patience. Dr. G, I appreciate you more than you know.
Sam — Student

— I’ve known Peter for a few years now and as someone who has seen his share of counsellors I can tell you that Dr. Giancola is on a different level.  In an era of clinical detachment that gives up humanity in exchange for the illusion of competence; Peter managed to preserve one while still exuding the other.  If you have never experienced the difference between sympathy and empathy, then Dr. Giancola is your guy.  He utilizes an eclectic approach to his work that combines various therapies that are used as needed for your specific set of problems.  Peter recently moved back to Canada from the United States and what one country has lost, the other has gained. I simply cannot recommend him enough!
Anton —  Physicist
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