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Personal Empowerment

Personal Empowerment

Bilateral Stimulation Therapy: Empower Your Mind and Ignite Your Inner Potential

Imagine, if you will, the ability to voluntarily “call-up” or summon states self-confidence, courage and resilience during challenging moments. What if you could evoke a sense of calm, peace and relaxation when your stressed or anxious? The capacity to do such a thing is nothing less than astonishing and an extremely valuable tool to possess. Bilateral Stimulation (BLS) Therapy is a new “next generation” Somatic technique that is scientifically-proven to deliver commendably on these promises and more. Somatic therapies are applied directly to the body to strengthen, calm and restore the nervous system into a physiological and psychological state of well-being.

Bilateral Stimulation (BLS) Therapy holds immense potential for installing empowering and strength-building psychological resources deep within the mind. By engaging in gentle, rhythmic bilateral movements, people can install, reinforce and access positive beliefs, resilience and inner strengths. Dr. Giancola teaches his clients the highly transformative and therapeutic effects of using BLS Therapy to instate formidable psychological resources to foster personal growth, vigor and empowerment

Bilateral Stimulation (BLS) Therapy involves stimulating both hemispheres of the brain in an alternating fashion (right-left-right-left and so on). This can be achieved through side-to-side eye movements that mimic the same rapid eye-movements (REM) observed when a person is dreaming. It is during this phase of sleep that the brain naturally processes and solidifies the memories of the day. This stimulation can also be achieved via receiving alternating (right-left) aural tones delivered through headphones or even by alternating shoulder tapping utilizing something called the “butterfly hug.” It is important to note that BLS Therapy is not, and is completely unrelated to, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Briefly put, psychological resources such as courage and self-confidence can be installed into the unconscious brain by vividly holding in mind very specific thoughts, feelings and sensations, while engaging in BLS. Dr. Giancola is an expert in the theory and administration of BLS methods to help you to instate, strengthen and retrieve powerful psychological assets. For example, a corporate CEO about to deliver crucial news to the board of directors of their company or an attorney preparing to appear before the Supreme Court will “evoke and awaken” the resources of confidence and courage immediately prior to delivering their messages. Similarly, a professional athlete will “call-up” the feeling of calmness and “flow” along with “bringing-into-action” the skills and steps that they have practiced and installed over the prior months.

Accessing Inner Strengths and Personal Power
BLS Therapy serves as a gateway to accessing and harnessing inner strengths and personal power. Through gentle, rhythmic bilateral movements, clients activate neural pathways associated with their innate resources and resilience. This process enables people to tap into their inner strength, courage, confidence and determination. By installing formidable psychological resources through BLS, you can cultivate a deeper sense of self-worth and personal command, leading to enhanced hardiness and enablement in various aspects of life

Strengthening Self-Confidence and Positive Mindsets
The ability to strengthen affirmative self-beliefs and cultivate positive mindsets is crucial in many different situations including work, social interactions and romantic encounters. By coupling bilateral movements with positive self-talk or visualizations, clients strengthen their belief in their abilities and potential. This process aids in the installation of powerful beliefs such as assuredness and resilience which, in turn, cultivate a positive outlook. Installing affirming beliefs through BLS enhances self-esteem and self-efficacy, enabling you to pursue your goals and aspirations with unwavering determination.

Building Resilience and Coping Mechanisms
BLS Therapy is instrumental in building resilience and fortifying coping mechanisms by activating neural pathways that govern adaptive coping strategies. This process allows clients to reprocess and integrate challenging experiences, fostering resilience and effective problem-solving skills. By installing empowering coping mechanisms through BLS, you will develop the tools to navigate challenges with confidence, bounce back from setbacks and maintain emotional well-being.

Safe and Peaceful Place
Envision the ability to voluntarily calm and regulate your emotional reactivity during moments of stress, anxiety or panic. There is immense empowerment in possessing such a skill. BLS Therapy is effectively used to install and cultivate a profound sense of safety, peace and relaxation at a moment’s notice. By engaging in gentle, rhythmic bilateral shoulder tapping, Dr. Giancola teaches his clients to create and "install" a mental sanctuary known as their “Safe and Peaceful Place.” This resource serves as a refuge from stress and emotional turmoil, offering solace and tranquility when needed. By harnessing your brain's innate capacity to process and heal, BLS Therapy will help you to find inner serenity amidst life's challenges.

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