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Men’s Issues

Men’s Issues

Men are facing culturally-imposed challenges and obstacles that are creating serious behavioural and psychological problems. These problems are not only affecting men but they are also negatively impacting women who are seeking a meaningful relationship, marriage, children and the opportunity to raise a family with a competent, responsible and loving man.

The statistics are clear. Men are bailing out of society. They are:

  • Either dropping out of universities, or not even attempting to apply, at higher rates than ever
  • Finding themselves aimless with no useful long-term or even short-term goals
  • Given the message that they should avoid getting married or avoid even trying to build meaningful and lasting relationships with women
  • Feeling alienated from mainstream culture and society
  • Bailing out of mainstream culture and society
  • Receiving messages to hide, or to not develop, traditional male values and traits
  • Not taking responsibility for their lives

Men are NOT being taught why it is necessary for them to:

  • Take responsibility for their actions and for their lives
  • Live an excellent life that is valuable and contributes to society in a positive way
  • Be a good boyfriend
  • Be a good husband
  • Be a good father
  • Be a valuable and necessary member of their family and society
  • Aim at becoming a good mentor
  • Become a person who gives something positive back to the next generation

I talk with men a great deal about aiming high with their goals and pursuing a life in accordance with meaningful and positive identity-building personal values. I help people to see how they can live a purposeful life that brings deep-rooted and forever-lasting feelings of genuine connection with others, stable contentment, adventure, peace, joy, self-love and security.

To reach this end, I help men to:

  • Take responsibility for their actions and for their lives
  • Live in a way that fuels and fulfills excellent core personal values on a daily basis
  • Strive toward goals that fulfill their personal values and streng then their identity
  • Build a strong identity that will stand the test of difficult times and become even stronger after those times are over
  • Precisely understand their essential and specific purpose and value in their intimate relationships, family, community and in their society

Working towards these things over time offers men lives filled with meaning, purpose, value and necessity. Living in this manner affords men a genuine and lasting understanding of the crucial and unique place that they occupy in the world. In the current cultural climate, men need to know, and be reminded of the fact, that their hard work and contributions are valuable and necessary for their partners, families, friends and society.

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