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Approach To Therapy

Dr. Peter R Giancola, Ph.D., LP


  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology 1996 University of Georgia
  • Internship Clinical Psychology 1995 University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
  • M.S. Clinical Psychology 1994 University of Georgia
  • B.A. Psychology 1990 McGill University


  • Dr. Giancola holds a license to practice psychology from the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec

My approach to therapy

My approach to therapy has less to do with what particular technique(s) that I use to help treat you, but instead, it places far greater importance on achieving a genuine, honest and caring therapeutic relationship with you. As such, I strive to provide a warm and protected therapeutic environment in the most comfortable of settings. My goal is to always create a safe and protected environment for my clients; an environment where it is clear to you that you are accepted for who you are and that your feelings and thoughts are also accepted and validated without judgement.

This is most important because it provides you with a free and open forum to fully and comfortably express difficult and conflicted sentiments, desires and struggles; a necessary pre-condition if therapy is to be successful. To this end, I draw upon all of my knowledge, life experiences and capabilities to “meet you,”“sit with you” and “be with you” in your deepest places of suffering so that meaningful and helpful discourse can occur.

As a former university professor of over 15 years in the U.S., I taught in-depth courses on the causes and treatments of mental illnesses, the psychology of violence as well as courses on the specific relations between brain functioning and behaviour. Along with my students and international colleagues, I published over 100 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals on the topics of: Personality, emotional dysregulation, cognitive functioning, risky sex, delinquency, suicide, violence as well as the causes, treatments and prevention of alcohol and drug abuse. I also served as a guest editor, associate editor and review editor for a number of peer-reviewed empirically-based journals such as the International Journal of the Addictions, Aggressive Behavior and the Journal of Studies of Alcohol and Drugs.

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Although the foundation of my knowledge of psychology comes from my academic training; important life experiences, that obviously cannot be taught in school, have immensely enriched my understanding of the human condition and suffering. These experiences have greatly deepened my ability to develop genuine and meaningful connections with my clients.

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